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Who is the favorite to win Super Bowl 58?

Super Bowl 58 is fast approaching and speculations are running wild about which team will claim the Lombardi Trophy. In this highly anticipated showdown, strengths and weaknesses of the top contenders will be dissected, strategies scrutinized, and performances of key players examined to predict who will emerge victorious in this epic battle of skill, strategy, and endurance. From the dynamic offenses to the impenetrable defenses, this article delves into the analytics, expert opinions, and historical trends to offer an informed prediction on who will triumph in Super Bowl 58. As fans eagerly await the ultimate clash on the gridiron, we explore what it will take to seize the glory on one of the biggest stages in sports.

*This is a weekly article in which we will update the Super Bowl 58 betting odds and analysis on the top teams week after week as we get closer to the big game*

Who is the favorite to win Super Bowl 58?

As of 12/26/2023, here are the most recent Super Bowl Odds per Draftkings Sportsbook:

  • San Francisco 49ers (+225)

  • Baltimore Ravens (+350)

  • Miami Dolphins (+750)

  • Philadelphia Eagles (+800)

  • Kansas Ciy Chiefs (+800)

  • Dallas Cowboys (+1000)

As of 12/11/2023, here are the most recent Super Bowl Odds per Draftkings Sportsbook:

  • San Francisco 49ers (+250)

  • Miami Dolphins (+600)

  • Philadelphia Eagles (+650)

  • Baltimore Ravens (+650)

  • Kansas Ciy Chiefs (+750)

  • Dallas Cowboys (+750)

Will the 49ers win the Super Bowl?

The San Francisco 49ers are the current favorite to win Super Bowl 58. They beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-16 in Week 14 to improve their record to 10-3. The 49ers have looked great on both sides of the ball offensively and defensively to this point in the season. They also have quality wins against other top competition with a 42-19 win over the Philadelphia Eagles and a 42-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys. However, they are coming off of a rough loss to the Ravens on Christmas night where QB Brock Purdy threw 4 interceptions against the best defense in the league. The Ravens won the game 33-19 but the big takeaway was Purdy's performance and if he can be trusted in the playoffs. Right now, the 49ers are still the favorite to win Super Bowl 58.

Will the Ravens win the Super Bowl?

The game of football has been changing over recent years but the popular claim has always been, "defense wins championships." The Ravens have the number one ranked defense when it comes to opponent points per game. The Ravens have a 12-3 record and they are coming off of a very impressive win against the 49ers. The best defense in the league combined with the playmaking of Lamar Jackson on the offensive side of the ball make the Ravens a dangerous team for the rest of the competition. +350 is a solid price right now.

Will the Dolphins win the Super Bowl?

The Ravens have leap frogged the Dolphins in the Superbowl odds for the team who will represent the AFC. Their record sits at 11-4. The Dolphins have a high powered offense but their defense has struggled at times. Another call out with the Dolphins is that they have lost to other top competition including the Eagles (31-17) and Chiefs (21-14). The Dolphins can certainly outscore anybody but they could run into problems if they get into a game against a really good defense like the 49ers or Ravens. I would not back the Dolphins to win at this time due to their defense.

Will the Eagles win the Super Bowl?

The Eagles were the favorite to win the Super Bowl just a few weeks ago but they have lost three of their last four games with losses against the 49ers and Cowboys which is making it look less likely that they will win the Super Bowl. Not only did the Eagles lose those games but they lost them in blowout fashion 42-19 vs the 49ers and 33-13 against the Cowboys. The NFL is about adjustments and you never know what will happen if the Eagles do make it deep into the playoffs for a rematch with one of these teams but I think they Eagles are a bit behind both of those squads. I would not back the Eagles to win at this time.

Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

The Chiefs had a great start to the season but things have been going downhill lately and they have gone 3-5 over their last 8 games. Their most recent loss came at home to the Raiders. Pat Mahomes doesn't have the same level of weapons around him that he's had in the past and that's led to the Chiefs losses this season mostly due to drops on balls that were thrown where they needed to be. The Chiefs defense has been good and has kept the Chiefs in the games that they have lost but the offense has come up short on multiple occasions. You can't count out Mahomes but if his receivers keep making mistakes, the Chiefs won't be going back to back.

Will the Cowboys win the Super Bowl?

The Cowboys are 10-5 and they are coming off of a loss to the Dolphins although it was a hard fought game. One knock on the Cowboys is that they have played an easy schedule with just one of their wins coming against a team with a winning record to this point. That win was a good one against the Eagles but let's not forget that the Cowboys got blown out by the 49ers earlier this season. Despite an easy schedule, the Cowboys have definitely looked great this season. +1000 is a good price just know that they will have to go through the 49ers to get there.

Best Super Bowl Predictions & Bets as of 12/26/23

  • 49ers +250

  • Ravens +350

  • Cowboys +1000

Who is the favorite to win Super Bowl 58?


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