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I love betting but I don't always have the time to do all of the research every day. These guys include the analysis and reasoning behind every pick and that's one thing that really sets them apart from other guys I've tried.

Win or lose, Kof never hides his results. He opens up every blog post with a recap from the night before. There's not many handicappers who document and own up to their losses. That is the #1 thing I respect is that he does it the right way.

I found KofSports when I first got into betting and I have learned a lot. I'm always interested to see what kind of approach he has and he gets creative to get good value. Sometimes it's things I never think of when I'm looking at the games for the day.

I've been a VIP Member since 2016 and I enjoy following along every day. There's ups and downs but the reasoning and stats that KofSports comes up with are always spot on whether the picks win or lose. I've never read a pick and thought it was a bad play.

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